Client not paying can i move their website to a diff address?

Did a bespoke html web site with cms 4 a nouns at a massive discount theyve paid lb300 and not the remaining lb100. the site cost should have be lb1000. finished all 2 weeks ago and sent invoice and they are not responding. I heard its iffy to take sitedown so can i move it to a diff address online instead to make them retribution?? lb100 is peanuts but its the principal ..i spent dayysand nites doing this site for little enough money as it is and it seems they are blatently elect to not appreciate the lb600 discount and the massive time and effort we invested in constructing the design and architeure and functionality of the site plus the constant amendments and music change and pictures and i did 2 free flyers WTF i hate free loaders! can i move siteto a diff address or take out a stripe of cms content management to screw up their site lacking being sued in court..
Take back quarter of the site. You have be pair the 3/4 already, so you can't take adjectives the site away.
Write and inform them that unless full payment is received inside seven days the site will be suspended.

Ensure that the request for salary along with the invoice is sent the old fashioned opening and the it is signed for to prove they received the notification. Source(s): Pro Travel and Marine Photographer

no, but you can preserve their website at the same address, and put at the top of their home page, something like "do business near us at your own risk, we don't pay our own bills"
If they haven't paid then you can give somebody a lift the site down. If in doubt can you get a free consultation next to a solicitor?

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