What are the reason someone would be underneath house arrest?

An old friend of mine, who is abit of a phsyco, to be honest, which is why i say an OLD friend, be at a party i went to concluding night stoned, he said he had no be in contact because he was lower than house arrest for trying to kill himself. Would that be possible? What would people own to do to be under house arrest?
Not by the police. His parent's probably but him lower than it and doctors. But he's not in trouble with the statute. You'd have to get within trouble with like robbery or physical hostility to be put under lawful house arrest.
House arrest varies, but vitally it is an alternative to jail. It is discretionary with the court. Naturally, an individual would a bit be at their house that in jail. But, sometimes undisputed violation forbid house arrest like domestic terror campaign, drug dealing, and dui.

house arrest usually costs more, and your freind was probably given house arrest so that the jail wouldn't own to watch him 24 hrs a day. That would cost them even more money. suicide is a crime, because it is possible to endanger the lives of others.
Somehow, that doesn't sound right to me. There are numerous reason why someone is under house arrest, but most people that try to kill in cold blood themselves are taken to a state mental hospital for their own security so I have principle to believe he lied to you. IF he was under house arrest, he could still own contacted you. I have known family to be on house arrest from anything to DUI's to assault. they wear a bracelet on their ankle and are only allowed to leave the house to travel to work, doctor, church--or anywhere else approved by the judge. IF they do leave the house when they aren't supposed to, a buzzer go off at the police station and they catch them that means of access. I had a friend take 6 months of house arrest once instead of a 30 daylight jail term and he something like lost his mind. He was confined to the house and couldn't even go to the grocery store. I am not saw you wouldn't be under house arrest for trying to kill yourself, but that doesn't nouns like something a judge would directive house arrest for. My friend couldn't keep the phone tied up for more than five minutes in covering the police called to talk to him. He freshly got a cell phone and used that to commnicate with relatives. After he had been on house arrest, he certainly asked the judge if he could serve the time in lock up and get it over with, but the mediate refused. I will do some research and if I come up with anything I will take off the link to in on my answer, but I purely don't think he was lower than house arrest for trying to kill himself:(

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