Who Is Responsible For Paying For Fly Tippers?

My elderly parents live in a flat which is a block of six , there are some garages belonging to the flats which own been targeted by fly tippers again & again which led the council to not long clear up the mess & now they are have sent the bill to the residents ( which are mostly ederley ) is this right , & the most annoying piece is i know the fly tippers will be back!
If it is on public land it is the council's responsibility.

If it is on private domain it is technically the responsibility of the land-owner. Different councils appear to have different policies on how they handle this. In your crust your best option may be to make it difficult for fly-tippers to achieve onto the land.
I understand that unless nearby is damning evidence that suggests exactly who fly tipped, then it is your local council's responsibility to clear it up. They have a troop of people that are employed for such clean up duties and they can even organise villain on community service to come and clear it up at little or no expense, and the council tax payer pays their wages and nice fat pension. So your local residents need to get together and disallow to pay up for what they have already rewarded for. Write to the local newspaper and local radio and TV channels going on for this. It's unfair that residents should have to rate again due to a few idiots that can't be bothered to drive their rubbish to the local council tip.

However, the residence needs to keep a view and report these fly tippers if they ever see them and help prevent further fly tipping.
You don't say where on earth you are but this Q appears on Q & A's UK so maybe this will help:
There is a mixture of legislation and firstly the occupier of parkland has an occupiers duty that requires them to ensure the come to rest is safe therefore elderly or otherwise an initial and urgent inspection would want to be made to ensure no dangerous waste be there.
Your Q I assume suggests a typical domestic fly tipping situation, maybe tyres, cookers, DIY wreckage & garden rubbish so lets take it within stages. The offence is either by the soul who tipped it OR an occupier who KNOWINGLY permitted the depositing - clearly your parents are innocent. Next stage - the Council could serve a notice giving a min 21 days notice on the responsible soul to remove the rubbish - again your parents are not responsible and for the Council to make your parents liable they would have to show that your parents inability or unwillingness to help yourself to on the problem then amounted to a 'permitting' of the deposited rubbish ie. your parents had adopt the problem !
Next stage, a council can remove and charge for the removal if the responsible person doesn't comply with any sense served upon them. A council is entitled to charge but not compelled to charge and I would suggest that where a situation such as your parents exists and they are clearly not liable for depositing the rubbish the council should not try to recover any costs from them.
Having said adjectives that, a council can act if the rubbish requires emergency removal but on the basis it wasn't an emergency and they could enjoy served a notice but didn't, even if a liability attached to your parents the council failed to comply next to the regulations and is therefore prevented from charging. Source(s): I stress this is not my specialist law subject and I haven't access to a canon library at the time of answering so the rules might have changed but it might be a start for you.

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