Can anything be done to stop electoral fraud surrounded by Tower Hamlets?

"Earlier this year another prominent IFE activist, Abjol Miah, organised such a petition.

A total of 99.3 per cent of the signatures were Asian name, in a borough which is only a third Asian.

Council officer found that almost half were "invalid", near entire pages of names and address written in the same handwriting and around 5,000 not even appearing on the electoral register"…
Declaring that postal ballots will not be accepted (in unquestionable electoral wards where this is a problem) would be a central step forward.

Welcome to lovely multicultural Britain.....What a bloody mess its making of our country.....Third world here we come.
A deeply worrying article. I'm surprised they just didn't throw the petition out, which would have be the sensible thing to do. I think they should bring back rid of the mayoral system all together as such a person have to much power. As for electoral fraud, well, fraud is fraud and carries a prison sentence, so distribute a 10yr sentence for anyone involved in it, that might make them dream up twice.
I am waiting to see what happen when I go to vote. I want to see what documentation they ask for!! How the DO they know who is valid and who is not?? They ask for a thumb print when you get your driver's license, so why don't they verify the voters to same instrument!? Signatures don't mean anything, cos I did mine over the Internet! If there are double entries, they should show up on the peak! What have all this technology if they don't use it!?

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