What are the law on BB Guns contained by the UK?

I want to go to my local park at night and deeply mess around with my friends. No-one's at the park at night time, and we're going to own safety equipment such as goggles. Is it illegal to do this? The bb gun uses plastic ball.
There is probably no simple answer to this, other than, to be safe, you are better not doing it surrounded by a public place like a park but on private land. A BB gun is probably not a firearm, but it's design may kind it look like an imitation firearm which is still hindered by the firearms legislation. There are also issues of a group of youngsters playing with a potentially dangerous weapon surrounded by a public place which you means you might be caught out under the Breach of the Peace or public proclaim legislation. Something on that scale is probably best off public land/areas.
Hope that help. Source(s): UK legal aid criminal defence advocate
every things illegal here so yes.

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