My neighbour have have the bailiffs round surrounded by respect to a debt owed by her partner,near not married.?

They have offered to make payments but this have been ignored and they enunciate they are coming to remove goods from the home.She has a moment ago come out of hospital and her partner is unemployed but seeking work.As they have offered to build payment can the bailiff still acess there home.??
Thankyou..S, Bowman.
If a bailiff have been appointed by the court then it is too unpaid to try and make payments to the original creditor, they will enjoy to deal with the bailiff agency and cover the bailiff fees. If they hold not contacted the bailiff agency directly then the bailiffs will continue to come round. Have a look for more information on the directive and bailiffs:…
This website provides a useful guide. Sorry I cannot help otherwise, it's not my speciality.…
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