I deliberate my grandfather departed me money/property within his will and i never recieved it.would you approaching to ask?

I was never told a yes or no in this situation & nobody will give me info on the will or where it be handeled. Where do I start to find a copy of the will or the distrobutions of it?
This is in the UK and Ireland section, but you are using $.

In the UK, once probate is granted (which is formal official authority for the executors to distribute the property) wills are public documents. You can see a copy of any will by contacting the probate office in the nouns where the person died.

Contrary to another answer, nearby is NO legal requirement for a solicitor (or anyone else) dealing with the will to show it to you (although they usually would). There is not even a specific call for to use a solicitor at all when acting as an executor.

Your grandfather may have open an account with the intention of giving you the money within it. But intentions count for nothing after he dies. Unless the account be in your name as all right, or there was specific mention surrounded by the will, you are not entitled.
If you were a beneficiary, next legally the solicitor handling the estate HAD to give you a copy of the will.

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