Is it trial to preserve chickens contained by for a moment coop surrounded by a small support gardern?

one of my neighbours has just gone and bought a nouns of chickens, i can hear them squawking all the time and they wake me up at 7-30 within the mornings by being so loud.
he lives in a semi detached house and have a small garden, these chickens are cooped up in a little coop, i regard as hes bought them so he can sell the eggs which im sure is illegal as he doesnt own a selling license, but wot im wondering is, is it ok for him to have these chickens or is it unfair on them, im thinking of ringing the RSPC tomorrow and reporting him, for 2 reason, 1- im fed up of the noise and them disturbing me and 2- coz i imagine its mean to keep them locked up surrounded by a garden they should be on a farm
that depends on the local law where you live and possibly the zoning definition for the property.
There is no track to tell from the information you gave.
Most prohibitions on have livestock are defined in the city or county ordinances that govern zoning law at the local level.
In the UK it will depend on the Council and their planning laws. He does not need any sort of licence to get rid of eggs, people all over the UK do this.
the RSPCA would not be interested unless they are neglected. 7.30 within the morning would not be classed as a nuisance.
Thousands of people keep hold of chickens in their gardens.
Contact your Council, but you would need backbone up of your neighbours.
we used to keep chickens, formerly the bird flue hit. there are still battery egg farm about so i doubt space is a legal issue if they are kept verbs and healthy. you'll have to check whether you immediately need a license to keep so abundant birds or some sort of selling license, altho you can still sell legaly shot game to restauants lacking a license so i dunno. Source(s): uk
Yes it's legal and he I don`t know going to build a run for them. Unless they are in a dreadful state the RSPCA won't be interested. I wouldn't class 7-30am as being unreasonable and neither will the Council.
In the UK it is crooked to have live stock in an apt.

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