Not that I'm considering it, *Im NOT considering it*, but what exactly is stopping me from committing rape?

Basically I have a 5% chance of seeing secure unit time, and that time will be no more than 7 years. Since I'm in USA, I'd only receive deported...Where I'd rather be anyway. (I'm here legally) Even if I were a local, and one of those severely few who went to jail, I'd win free education and counselling, and health trouble, while I was there, and consequently I'd get free help finding a brief when I get out. I'd have to sign up for the sex offender list, which means nought these days since teenagers are being programmed there for having consensual sex near other teenagers. I'd still be able to rape again, and go going on for my life. Many people would be turned sour my my rape, but the victim would get far more punishment for it, and some society would not be upset by my decision to rape. There is no "war on rape" as here is war on drugs, and war on trepidation, and war on illegal immigration, etc.. So what exactly is contained by place to stop me from raping someone, if I so choose? What is out there to protect people from me or anyone else who decide that your body is my playground, to abuse as I please?
Shouldn't there be SOME definite effort to protect the public from scoundrels close to me?

By the way, how do you feel going on for the new law that more than 75 US politicians are striving for, which will order rape victims from abortion services?
Considering that humans are a raping species, most places are certainly pretty lenient. I mean, it's in fact instinctual for men to rape women.

In fact, you could even go as far as to enunciate that every time a man sees a woman that he finds attractive and decides NOT to mate near her, that's a crime against nature!

Not cool, hey?

There are those that evolve, crawl out of the cave and into the sunlight. And there are those that want to verbs into the animal world. Perhaps you should leave America and go live surrounded by an Islamic country. Sounds like you would fit right in. Its adjectives a matter of finding your place in go.
A succinct and fair (albeit brief and a bit oversimplified) analysis of rape culture..

While you're at it, don't forget that you also live in a culture which teach you to think about women contained by ways that makes it easier to justify raping them (i.e. women are universally sexually available objects, women read out no and mean yes, etc) and which provides you with romanticized models of sexual intimidation (where behavior that is, in actuality, sexual assault, is portrayed as "romantic").

Also, as regard availability of abortion, you should know that in many states (including my great home state of Texas) women (and girls) who are the victims of rape and incest are ALREADY denied access to abortion. In Texas, while the ruling (on paper) states that Medicaid covers abortion in these situations, the reality is that this does not exist within practice. So, low-income women and girls who are victims/survivors of rape and incest are denied access.

(a)Jared: There is about 0 evidence that rape is "instinctual" and a TON of evidence that it's not. The argument that rape is an evolutionary adaptation is base entirely on speculation and presumption, with no empirical support (that is not otherwise, and better, explained by other theories).

(a)Mike: "I decided some time ago that within was little I could do to prevent it."

Don't you think that's giving up a touch easy? There are MANY cultures, times, and places where name-calling of women (especially sexual abuse) was/is rare. Why would you assume that because in YOUR time and place it's not, that you should bequeath up? Check out

(a)Crow: Islamaphobia much? And totally unrelated to the point, no less. That's jacked...

(a)Captain: You are, I deliberate, missing the point of the post. The point is examining how our culture (in the U.S.) makes it both EASY and ATTRACTIVE to rape (as a way of, short much fear of reprisal or retribution, asserting a dominant masculinity). It's very natural (and very little true) to say it's adjectives a question of individual morality/control- this completely ignores the influence of culture and structure (which is large).


1) Most rapists are not psychopaths, nor do most rapists enjoy any mental illness at all. Most rapists are "regular" (by every standard definition) guys.

2) Most rapists do NOT withdrawal access to a willing sexual partner; most rapists have a ready sexual partner (they just ALSO have a whopping sense of entitlement). Fear of rape is not paranoia.

3) Fear of rape is A) socially cultuvated, as suspicion of rape is a form of sexual terrorism that men use to keep women "in line" (such as street harrassment serving the function of keeping women out of public places) and B) immaculately reasonable, given the insanely high proportion of women that experience attempted or completed rapes inside their lifetime.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The power to do something and then abuse that power to its fullest extend.

What stops you from going to a school yard, playground, etc grab a boy and raping him because you have the power to do it?

A sense of morality, conscience, sense of being, humanity, love of self, love of neighbor, standards, self guidlines, self boundaries, respect of existence, respect of self, self control, strength. Things that all humans are capable of acheiving. If you go wrong at this, then you fail at duration.

It takes much more strength to control yourself than it does to let yourself be controlled.

maiatheb: It give me a headache just thinking about trying to dignify your $10 words next to a response. I didn't miss the point, YOU miss the point. Her words are "what exactly is stopping me", and the answer is the same thing that stops anyone from doing anything... their own conscience. There is no physical force of humour that stops someone from taking an action that is allowable by the law of nature. Nothing can stop me from taking a gun to your head and blowing your brains out. It is an achievement that I, as a human, am capable of doing.... if I choose. And that is what she asked "So what exactly is contained by place to stop me from raping someone, if I so choose?" Verbatim.

In short, if you make a choice to do something that is inside the human realms of knowledge and competency, there isn't anything that stops you from taking that action, except your own morality, and you own facility to say "i am not going to". (9/11, Hiroshima, Rwanda, Congo, Hitler)

Any btw, you talk approaching a douche. You wanna use words and sentence structure that says a lot of bullsht and system nothing.

If she wants to know what legitimate ramifications are there for committing rape, and if what she have to give back to society is more than what she get from committing the act... if the penalty is even beside act, then she would enjoy asked it a different way.
If you are not considering it then that is one piece stopping you.
I dunno, cos you’re not a psychopath, or maybe you are, as you seem to want to enjoy a war on this, and a war on that, and a period of war on the other.

But why would you want to go to through all the hassle you describe, when you could only pay for a partner if you’re so inclined, for a much better time and with someone infinitely more attractive than you could ever find within normal social circumstances? That sounds like the best choice for you.

Stop being so paranoid. I’ve known two populace who have been raped, one brutally, and five general public who have been murdered surrounded by a variety of different ways, so far in my energy. I don’t worry about any. What’s the point? I won’t be told by anyone to carry any sort of terror in the order of with me at any time, no matter what the circumstances.

Everything is OK…
The answer to that question is pretty grey. I decided some time ago that there be little I could do to prevent it. Alaska did a survey and 59% of its adult women have face domestic violence, sexual assault or child sexual abuse at some point within their lives at least once. Those hazards appear to be equal opportunity among adjectives ethnic groups, but at least 1/4 were associated near the use of beverage alcohol. I am very glad that I have chosen not to drink.

So I cannot prevent it, but if it happen to any of my friends, there will be a reckoning. That is the most I can do as one person, powerfully that, and making sure I am never a perpetrator.

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