Does a British Citizen involve an ID to start a living?

I'm born in the UK, and I'm wondering whether I need a provisional driving license or a passport to start mortal employed in a job. Do employer request ID?

I'm asking because I'm buying a provisional and I want to start work now, rather than when the self comes in the post.
Nope, not normally.
Just an Address.
The most ID I've ever been asked to provide by any civilian employer is my National Insurance number and something with my picture on it; surrounded by most cases that my passport.

However, a lot of companies now supply a index of acceptable idenfication documents. A passport covers the lot, because it's a government issued document and the exotic biometric ones are a shitload harder to fake than the older ones. If you don't hold that you'll want a driving licence since that's got your face and your signature along with your address details, and an official reminder to you at your address.

Reckon you're going to need ID. And on seeing your additionals, you ain't got a problem. You've get enough for most.
no, you just entail your national insuranc enumber so they can work out the right amount of tax you will need to pay envelope. This also proves that you are elligable to work in the uk.
Depending on the sector you are going to work in, it may be necassary to hold a CRB check (criminal records bureau) which checks for any past crimes you may own committed
Yes most employers now ask for ID. NI card, birth permit, passport, driving licence. Due to new laws they own to be sure that you are eligible to work here. Too much identity theft going on. Source(s): retired business owner
I've only be asked to provide ID once, and that was for a job working near children, so obviously they need ID to do adjectives the relevant checks. Normally they'll just want your N.I. number, an address and a bank report to put your wages in. So you should be able to start work lacking your driving license.

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