If i cut a banknote surrounded by partly would it bleed to demise?

what is more important... money or human beings?
I'd bleed a bit if you did!
not if its like bankers coz u cant win blood from a stone
Much like the stone, the banknotes long been bleed dry.
Since money is disquiet & fear is power.
Money is the way the few control the frequent.

Half a person is worth more than partially a banknote. But the technology exists to keep someone alive who gets cut contained by half. But that technology was developed using a boat-load of money.

So a boat-load of money is worth roughly partially a person. Therefore each soul is worth 2 boat-loads of money.

So if a shipment of 4 boat-loads of money are being sent to save the life span of one person, it wouldn't be worth it, because you could save the energy of 2 people for the same price...

4 boat-loads of money > 1 soul Source(s): I'm worth 3 boat-loads. You do the math.
No... it's weekly obviously... >.<
only if you cut it across the queens face

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