Is it true that the US Patriot Act is extremely brutal?

"Currently in the United states unannounced to most brainwashed Americans, you home can be searched short a warrant, with you being home… you can within turn be arrested with no charges revealed to you, detained indefinitely with no access to a advocate and legally tortured… all underneath the suspicion that you might be a terrorist." Narrator, Zeitgeist (2007)

Is this true?
True? Or probable?

It depends on whether or not you are a US citizen. Source(s): time
No it isn't that bad. Does it go beyond what some of us muse is legal under the US Constitution? Yes. But it scarcely makes the US a police state. In fact, in that are many Western nations where on earth the law has much more power. The UK included.
Yes, that is true. If you are a "suspected terrorist" all of the above may apply. What be Bush thinking and why hasn't Obama fixed this yet?

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oSection 215 modifies the rules on records search so that third-party holders of your financial, library, travel, video rental, phone, medical, church, synagogue, and mosque records can be searched minus your knowledge or consent, providing the government say it's trying to protect against terrorism.
oSection 218 amends the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), authorizing secret searches short public knowledge or Department of Justice accountability, so long as the government can allege a foreign intelligence starting place for the search.
oSection 213 warrants -- "Sneak and Peek" -- extend the authority of FISA search to any criminal search. This allows for secret search of one's home and property without prior notice.
oSection 214 permit the removal of the warrant requirement for "Pen registers" which ascertain phone numbers dialed from a suspect's telephone and "Trap and trace" devices which monitor the source of all incoming call, so long as the government can certify that the information likely to be obtain is relevant to an ongoing investigation against international terrorism.
oSection 216 clarifies that pen register/trap-and-trace authority applies to Internet surveillance. The Act changes the language to include Internet monitoring, specifically information something like: "dialing, routing, and signaling." It also broadens such monitoring to any information "relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation."
oSection 206 authorizes roving wiretaps: allowing taps on every phone or computer the target may use, and expands FISA to permit surveillance of any communications made to or by an intelligence target minus specifying the particular phone line or computer to be monitored.
oSection 505 authorizes the use of an administrative subpoena of personal paperwork, without requiring probable cause or judicial oversight.
oSection 802 creates a category of crime call "domestic terrorism," penalizing activities that "involve acts harmful to human life that are a violation of the criminal law of the United States," if the actor's intent is to "influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion."
oSection 411 makes even unknowing association next to terrorists a deportable offense.
oSection 412 gives the attorney general authority to direct a brief detention of aliens without any prior showing or court ruling that the person is precarious.

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