What are the law against blowing your own stuff up?

For instance if I wanted to blow up my shed in the garden...

Would that be against the directive?
As long as it doesn't pose a threat to anyone else or any other property you could probably do it.
If you actually own the shed then I guess not. Though you own to make sure only the shed (or other stuff you own) get trashed and that the debris lands in your property and doesn't motive any damage.

Also for some things you might need planning authorization to get rid of it (though I have no idea).

What ever the law are this sounds like fun!

Why would you want to blow up the shed in your garden? xD

Sorry I can't answer your question, I a short time ago wanted to let you know that it be hilarious :DDD

Edit: "If people deviate from the ask asked, they will be reported." O________________o

I don't know about in England, but surrounded by the US its more than likely illegal because you could of hurt someone doing it or you could effect a huge fire!! :o
owning explosives is illegal as is engineering an explosive device,

are they? like farting you mean :D

guess what I produce up around 90% of the yahoo stuff i post.. lolol
Probably so. But I think it would largely depend on how you do it, whether you compromise your safekeeping and the safety of others, cause excess clap, damage other people's or public property..etc..

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