Is here a unsullied decree that employer cannot access your mental vigour history (UK)?

Is this correct?

Maddy x
There's a law coming within, if it hasn't already, which will ban employers from asking post applicants about their medical history prior to inviting them for interview. They can still ask you in interview if you procure that far, you are quite entitled to decline to answer.
If its affects your work i think they can..

As it affects them within the health and saftey i mean what if you have a mentle breakdown, and you did somthing bad they fired you.. and you seud them for firing you.. because your menatlly ill..

Well if they have known this they might of just looked into the overnight case, but beacsue you refused to tell next anything they can fire you.

Not only that with most mentle problems, comes skitzophnrenia..

and one individule may pocket his anger and problems out on staff, but if your employers know about it, or want to know roughly it for the saftey of everybody else you should tell them and they might make work smaller amount of a hassle for you so you don't get angry and mad at every one etc etc.

they must know.. as for medical files my sisters boss asked for hers.. her Boss was charged lb50 pound for it. LMAO.
there be something in the papers last week in the order of this . i didn't read it myself but my dad did . so look it up . daily mail . within will be in near adjectives unable to ask on application forms about your form .sorry can no be any more help than that . Source(s): daily messages and dad !
an employer can ask you anything they want the question is do you hold to give them an honest answer
i would say its up to you if you answer coz even if the affairs of state bring out laws saying they can not ask roughly mental health problems they will get round it by asking you if you hold been hospitalised in the concluding 5 years or do you suffer from stress Source(s): my head
Your employer has never been competent to access medical records.
The Equality Act 2010 prohibits this. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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