Is it endorsed to rob out-of-date food from bins aft supermarkets?

Technically this is theft, as is the taking of anything from rebuff bins. However, it is unlikely that anyone would be prosecuted for doing this unless the ravening hordes seeking to do so presented a nuisance to the supermarket.
Presumably not, since by placing it in bins, the supermarket has effectively thrown it away. You might be undo to charges of trespass, however.
It is a sad reflection on our society that near are already thousands of homeless and poor people who already do this, and, when the cuts start to bite, there will almost certainly be hundreds of thousands more, which will probably lead to violence and disorder as nation fight for the contents of the bins.
"One man's trash is another's treasure"
Technically it is theft, but it is unlikely you would be prosecuted.

f you enter a private nouns behind a supermarket the staff may well deliberate you are a sneak thief trying to steal other more valuable things or are trying to break into the building itself, so it is not a moral idea.
Technically no, it still belongs to someone whether it's on the shelf or within the bin.

As Georgina says, most supermarkets now support their bins one way or another.
there are relations who do it regularly and why not? i worked in a supermarket bakery a while back and we have to throw trolley loads of bread away. we werent allowed to buy it or give it away although there be nothing wrong with it.
No one have been arrested for that yet surrounded by my town
Yes its theft, empire have been prosecuted for it. Source(s): Police Officer
If you live in the UK you will find that most of the big describe supermarkets lock their bins as there was a coppers of legislation which means that it is against the law to give/allow this food to be taken away. It is later incinerated instead of being given to soup kitchens/farms. Source(s): Used to work For the biggest supermarket.

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