Letting Agency withholding my deposit?

I have rented a flat for 2 and a half years.
I own had a non-exhaustive list of issues beside it including more recently a cockroach infestation in other flats within my building which forced me to move our a month before the end of my lease.
I duly compensated my lb700 rent up until the end of my lease and fully paid adjectives bills in relation to the flat until that time, even though I didn't feel I could live nearby due to the hygeine issue.

My Letting agent is now attempting to withhold lb150 of my deposit for "cleaning costs".
I fully cleaned the flat on departure.. including a full paint of the walls and carpet verbs.
When moving in, the carpets and walls be so dirty I had to clean/paint them msyelf, as completed on damages report I submitted to agency - conveniently the agency are now axiom they never received this report so just have to be in motion on what they see and charge me as they see fit - I am unsure if the postal rule in contract law may cover me for this - Agreement/contract deem void even if never received? I would assume it their responsibility to let me know they hadn't received my report as I wasnt to know it never arrived...

The flat be handed back fresh painted and verbs, admittedly the carpet clean did not return the out-of-date carpet to new and some of our predecessors runner stains remained.
As far as I wa concerned, I was responsble for handing the flat final in the condition I got it and no more. I hand it back in better condition and however my agency are trying to extort lb150 from me for x2 lightbulb replacment, a window clean (the widnows become dirty since I vacated a month and a half prior to inspection) and a full house and mat clean!

they have in a minute ignored all my emails for 2 weeks, haven't given me ANY of my deposit pay for and have not provided proof of cleaning costs as requested.

Does anyone know my legal rights here that may panic them into submission?
I really owudl like to avoid civil court action

The letting agency presumably does this adjectives the time. They know people want to avoid getting into a legal wrangle and so they work on the assumption that most family will just let it run.

You can write, email and phone until you're blue in the face. they will not settle up any attention.

if you want your money back, you have the choice of doing something, or doing nil.

Right now, you're doing the equivalent of nothing.

Issue a claim online within the small claims procedure. It's (more or less) free and there are no legal costs win or lose. Chances are they'll a short time ago pay up.

You want to scare them? sue them.

Otherwise don't dissipate your time. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
Try the Small Claims Court, however this type of thing is disgracefully difficult to prove.

Have a look at the Housing Act, you say there be a myriad of problem. I had a similar situation when I rented a property, so I referred back to a situation when our boiler broke and we minus hot water for two weeks (luckily it ws during a heat wave). Under the housing deed a landlord has to provide hot wet. I threatened to sue and they paid me the deposit.

Does you contract say anything roughly speaking carpets being professionally cleaned on departing?

The citizens advice bureau may be able to support further on your particular circumstances.

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