Are we supposed to take-home pay when money is missing within the cash-desk?

I'm French and I work in McDonald's in Ireland. I already worked contained by McDonald's in France.When Money missed in the cash-desk, our boss have not the right to ask us to pay the difference.It's totally forbidden in France. But final week, my manager said me that if it miss More than 15 euros in the bread desk, I am supposed to pay it. Is that right?
Excuse my bad english, and gratitude for your answers!
Witholding part of your take-home pay or wages (without consent) is completely unlawful in the UK.

I'm not sure whether it is also unlawful in Republic of Ireland. Source(s): I'm a legal representative
If you are not the only person next to access to the cash desk then NO he can not fashion you responsible. - even if your boss has access.
But if you have a contract and total control over the lolly desk - the one and only person beside access - and this is in the contract then it would be difficult to carry out of having to make up the difference.
I would NEVER reimburse for money I have not taken - NEVER!!
It depends on your contract - in the UK you would have to payment the difference.
You can either make up the difference yourself or you can return with fired for not having enough money contained by your cash desk.

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