I entail to see someone just about my contract of employment?

i cant afford a solicitor will the CAB be able to help me?
The CAB may be able to offer some constrained advice. Are you in a trade alliance? If so you maybe able to catch some free legal advice and even represention.
some solicitors will give you half an hour of free guidance, so do ring around
the CAB will give you advice and they can convey you where to go where on earth you will get help
so please bequeath it a go
good luck Source(s): my guide
The CAB will try to support, but they are not lawyers and don't give much by route of legal advice. They are overwhelmed at the moment, as you may think about.

You say you can't afford a solicitor, but it rather depends on what you may lose if you don't attain proper legal advice, doesn't it? Source(s): I'm a advocate

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