Legal rights as a 16 year infirm?

i am 16 and my mum has kicked me out of the house and she wont give me my clothes do she said they are hers cause she bought them is she allowed to keep them bad me ?
Go home and start acting similar to a good son. You are a minority until you are 18 (in the US) which means you can't do much minus your parents consent. However, your parents are legally obliged to supervision for you until you are 18.
In the UK, you can disappear home with your parents' permission at 16. It looks as though you own been given permission!
Can you dance to an Aunt or grandparents till things have maybe calmed down rather?
If there is nobody who will take you within, then contact Social Services for your Town and they will find you accommodation pro tem.
Apologize to her.
give her time to calm down love, she will come round, lend some clothes of yr mate untill x Source(s): mum of 3
If your mum kicked you out of the house because you would not obey her reasonable house rules, she may not be required to support you. Nor may she be required to present you your clothes. Unless you can prove that you bought them.

It's a tough world out there. Reconsider. You may have to apologize to your mum for anything you did and may be allowed to move back in if you observe the rules with a better attitude. Otherwise, get a opportunity and start supporting yourself.

There may be some social services that will help you out, such as with housing., But nearby are rules wherever you go. There are no free rides when you are out on your own. The individual free ride is with parents -- and you may have blown that one.
same type of thing happened to me.
apologize or capture a job. (:

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