I offered a career within Dynamic IT solution and they said after the assesment assessment they will give the career and they?

i offered a job in Dynamic IT solution and they said after the assesment theory test they will offer the job and they are Microsoft certified partner so i have to sit for MCSA+messaging certification and i hold to deposit GBP500 and it will be 100% refundable then he print out the offer beside the condition where he cut out the 100% refundable paragraph with pen and said can pass everthing free and i paid that 500 because of the job very soon feeling he is kind of doggy man what to do where on earth to go
No legitimate enlistment agency asks you for a fee upfront.

You have be scammed by a con-artist.

Get your money back if you can.
You should never have to remuneration any fees up front for a job if it is legit. This sounds like a scam. They offered you a opportunity on condition that you pay them money to take a so-called audition. Classic scam. They pull the same trick on several people and should be reported.

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