If a party attempts suicide and doesn't die. Will he/she facade any legalized management after?

If a person wants to commit suicide surrounded by UK and doesn't die, will he/she have to face the permitted system of the company?
No, but will almost indubitably need psychiatric help.
Not in the UK. Before 1961, suicide and attempted suicide be crimes. If you were unsuccessful, you could face prosecution. Since the Suicide Act of 1961, you could frontage prosecution for manslaughter if you were the unsuccessful half of a suicide pact and you can be prosecuted for helping someone else commit suicide. You could also frontage fraud charges if your suicide attempt was designed to collect on a life assurance policy, but it would be the intention to some extent than the act that is fraud.
amazing how society will put down a dog.cat or horse that is suffering but not a human
Don't believe they would claim attempted murder and incarcerate. I feel they may declare them incompetent and have them draw from psychiatric help and could lock them up for the treatment if they wished.
very well they most always are hospitalized.
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You can be detained against your will. (sectioned underneath the mental health act) They would not prosecute a person who attempts suicide though.
If Anyone Attempts to suicide and he/she doesnt die

they will face frequent problems from the police

Also you will get jailed for that

But it depends...

however this is kinda stupid question...if you attempt to suicide and you poor just stomp yourself :D

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