Is it at adjectives possible to report suit against Yahoo?

Is it at all possible to file suit against Yahoo?
Well deeply , i believe is breaking the Law and i have proof.

A question be posted not to long ago , and it was..

Why do British people enjoy bad teeth?

And i responded to the American guy who posted the stereotypes of American nation.

I appealed and it got rejected , but his prejudice question still re-manes on , so in actual certainty they would of had to view his disagreeable question to remove my answer , and his question is apparently extremely prejudice and cruel towards the United Kingdom.

So should i contact my lawyer , i have adjectives the official proof of whats happened. I own screenshots and printed images of the question still on days after my appeal get rejected.

I understand it may seem intensely pity to some of you , but its a big deal to me , yahoo are being bias and removing my questions/answers when they do not verbs or the terms and conditions.
Any lawyer would laugh at you, sorry. Bots reject question and answers, not real people. Don't help yourself to it personally.
I think the people who run this site enjoy no idea how to operate fairly. They are spur-of-the-moment to scold people who are reported for some "infringement" of the rules, in need even checking whether there is any merit to the reported infringement, but they leave question running that are clearly libellous or racist. All you can do is vote with your foot and leave Y!A, or perhaps try to complain to them - which I guess will carry you nowhere. You could try threatening legal action, but it will cost you money to procure legal advice on whether you can sue them for anything.
Yahoo is a private organization and have the right to remove any material they wish, whether you agree or disagree. You don't hold a suit.
you can certainly try, but I have not the slightest theory what you are suing for
but what you are in-fact wise saying is that your answer was offensive and wrong but coz they did not do anything going on for the question you feel some how wronged
you can not sue on those grounds Source(s): my come first
Sue them for what, providing a free service?

here's an idea.. grow up and bring over it.

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