Am I competent to capture personal warranty guards at university?

I'm going through tough times at school and I'm being treated unsuccessfully by many people within my school and the school isn't doing ample to help. Would I be able to get hold of a bodyguard for my personal security or would I need a private one?
if this is non private arts school then the short reply is NOT a chance.........what exactly do you be aware of the school should do to keep you risk-free and how do you feel they are not doing enough to stop inhabitants treating you badly..what steps have your parents taken in relation to this matter!...............

And if you can afford a security guard later quite frankly your parents can fork out for you to be home schooled and later you would no one to blame for your issues........
Uh no, I don't think the conservatory would allow it. Try switching classes or talk to the school counselor. A bodyguard would not be the right solution.

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