Is this benefit fraud? And is my girlfriend individual undeserved?

Basically, a month ago me and my girlfriend moved into her brother's flat, that he used to share with someone else. The rent on the flat is lb650 a month, and he gets lb500 a month surrounded by housing benefits because he's unemployed. I am paying the other lb150 and living there (I'm employed), but I'm worried that it's benefit fraud. I want to move spinal column in with my parents and my mum is delighted for me to do that, but my girlfriend says she doesn't wanna go pay for to not living with me, after getting used to being near me here. She threatened to leave me if I move back out, because she's convinced what we're doing is totally endorsed; her parents also back her up. So, is what we're doing benefit fraud? If so, how do I go in the region of convincing my girlfriend we need to move back surrounded by with our parents without her dumping me? I discern that she's being insanely unfair... as much as I love her and that.
Are you saying that the brother no longer lives surrounded by the flat?
Then, yes that IS benefit fraud.
Hi I have worked surrounded by benefits for several years, when you live with a partner you are classed as living together as if you were husband and wife, if your girlfriend is claiming benefit and have not declared you on her claim then she is committing benefit fraud.
You are not guilty of anything. since you are employed, surrounded by need of somewhere to live, and paying your rent. The fact that he is not declare you as a tenant to the council is not your business. The dilemma you face is a moral one, not a legal one. Its not your decriminalized responsibility to see that your girlfriends brother has hes affairs in establish, and in the eyes of the law it is passable for you to assume that he is acting within the law. However, if your girlfriend is threatening to dump you if you verbs out, then I would dump her and pull out anyway if I be you. She quite obviously doesn't dispense a toss how you feel, as long as she gets her track etc etc.....You need to ask yourself IF he is claiming fraudulently, What Els is he up to and do you really want to be involved in a relatives like that.
Yes on the fraud - Your GF is entitled to her opinion so on that one, No

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