Is freedom simply for those who follow the rules? Shouldn't it be for everyone? Speech, Politics, Religion?

That depends on what you are talking going on for. Should criminals have freedoms? Not necessarily. They gave up their freedom when they broke the decree.

Examples of what you are referring to would make this question easier to answer completely.
Speech and beliefs (religious or otherwise) are protected underneath the first amendment, which was designed to protect everyone's freedoms (not just those near the popular views). It's the prerogative of hate groups to stage peaceful protests, only just as it is my prerogative not to attend their protest, or stage my own in defense. Anyone who gets angry roughly speaking someone utilizing their first amendment rights doesn't actually believe in freedom of speech, religion, etc. They believe contained by only protecting views which they agree near. That's not freedom. That's bullsh*t.
Freedom in itself is a VERY broad idea, but, since you mentioned "Speech, Politics, Religion", I would read out yes to those. No matter what someone has done, their freedom of speech, their freedom of political outlook, and their religion is COMPLETELY up to the individual, and that should NEVER be changed. If this is changed, this is when society starts inching towards authoritarianism, fascism, totalitarianism, etc...

However, if you expected freedom of being jailed, or put on probation, or made to do community service, then no. If we only let everyone do whatever they desire without consequence, then we would own an anarchy. (And not a peaceful, socialistic, utopian anarchy, either. We would hold mayhem. Source(s): My opinion.
politics and religion are your choice but near freedom comes responsibility people can not be free to say what they approaching about other people coz that would infringe on their lives, yes if its true and the individual can prove its true then it can be said but you can not give inhabitants the freedom to say things about family or institutes that they know are not true.
same with politics and religion if your beliefs infringe on other peoples liberty's then should you enjoy the freedom to oppress people coz of your beliefs the answer have to be no Source(s): my head
it takes approx 24 years for a human brain to fully develop. as it grows formative experiences shape the direction of neural pathways. "rules" are the software that create the hardware i.e. our brains. the one rule that underpins everything is that of "money". people are groomed aka brainwashed into never questioning its existence, for abundant people it is nigh on impossible for them to imagine living on this planet minus "money". anyone who does question "money" generally get perceived to be a "communist", yet what they fail to realize is that "communism" be part of the software program aka programme, it was designed beside the notion in mind it would be made to fail, thus stopping nation further from imagining the notion of living in a demeanour without money aka living in commune near each and every other.

course i have the "freedom" to express my beliefs, but within order to stay alive i have no choice but to be a cog surrounded by the system of the beast aka "money". and it is the same for virtually everyone else on this planet.
Villains verbs. Would you consider them free thinkers or simply selfish and preying on society?

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