Received a threatening schoolbook message. what do i do know?

this a follow up question from my previous one. if your not bothered to click on the link later ill explain the situation briefly. i received a text message from someone anonymous who threatened to bomb my house. this creature knew specific details about me such as the nouns i lived in and who i lived with and because the entity texted me i know have there number and ive call a few times with a withheld number to try to identify the voice because it could be my friends playing a lame joke but it wasn't and know im confused. i dont want to jump to the police because this person holds personal and embarrassing details more or less me which they said in the text and i want to solve this myself and i cant trust anyone at the moment.

Do you deliberate i should call him and confront him next time i bid or should i spook him back. i would really like to wind up this ASAP but without police or family involvement and btw what are some appropriate methods of getting atleast a first name of this guy.

hank you for reading

Unless you own seriously pissed someone off or suspect the sender has OC or paramilitry links later play it cool.
Take the text message directly to the police and do it NOW. People can be traced through their text messages slightly easily - after all, it come from a cell phone to your cell phone. This is indeed a crime and the person should be prosecuted. You should NOT "spook him back" nor should you call him. This is in actual fact something you should take seriously and let the police feel it.
You need to report this to the police NOW. It's better to live next to some embarrassment than be dead, possible along beside loved ones, because you were embarrassed. Trust me, the police own seen it all and afterwards some...they couldn't care less almost the sordid details as long as they are not illegal. As for your family finding out, remember, if this threat is definite it's not just you who's in hazard but your newborn sister and other family members as all right. Better to risk their disapproval than death.

DO NOT confront this person. You don't know who they are or if they are serious, or in recent times how much they can or cannot follow up on this threat, or how much closer to acting on it that a confrontation may push them.

This is NOT something to handle on your own...this is a DEATH THREAT and requires immediate police intervention.

With any luck, it is a newly a sick joke, in which covering those doing so need to learn the consequences of such a serious situation.
You hold no choice but to go to the Police. Don't try and deal beside this yourself you could make matters worse and don't post anything on facebook. This is a serious offense and the Police will be discreet I can assure you.
i would recommend calling the police
Sorry, but this is a no-brainer.

Go directly to the police. Do not pass go. Do not collect lb200. Go to the police.

Unless the 'embarrassing details' are criminal amusement, they will do everything in their power to keep that information confidential.
Call the Damn Police Yeah I agree....go to the police.

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