Can I be prosecuted for not have a tv licence when I don't enjoy a tv?

Yesterday a TV Licence enforcement officer came to the home I rent while at university. Although I do not have a TV my flatmate does and in attendance is one in the communal room (which is literally just in attendance, it's not even plugged in let alone mortal used). The tv licence enforcement officer entered my home and discovered the tv in the living nouns. I told him that it is not used and that the owner of the house left it from her stay within the summer. He also discovered my house mate had a tv and wrote this down on the "interview sheet". He asked me when it was later used and I told him that I hadn't a clue (which I didn't and which is what he wrote down on his sheet). He then began to forewarning me, so getting quite worried I agreed to buy a TV licence (despite not owning either of the tv's contained by the house or watching them!)

Now I am wondering can I be prosecuted for the couple of weeks that the address was not covered by a TV licence? There was no TV on when the inspector compensated his visit, like I said I don't keep under surveillance it, and I told him I didn't know the last time any TV was watch at the property. Am I at risk of prosecution and a fine? I've become very worried about this situation after researching it, I really don't want a criminal account for "evading TV licence payment" when I actually haven't. From what I can gather the antediluvian licence ran out at the beginning of september/end of August and we moved contained by at the end of October.

Any help would be great, gratefulness!
if near a tv in the house you, need a licence.
you own to prove you don"t use it, if its used for only a short time you necessitate a licence.
the tv as to be in a un workable order.
cancel your payment as soon as you can, my friend have a tv in his front room attached to a dvd player, the ariel is not plugged in and the tv man told him this be ok as he swore he didnt watch any programmes
good luck Source(s): surrounded by fact i know of 2 people who do this
It's adjectives a bit '1984' I'm afraid and you probably will be prosecuted. I would see a solicitor. It would be worth a few pound to avoid a criminal record.
The TV must be on for you to be prosecuted for using a TV without a licence. However, they may still transport it to court, in which case you would enjoy to demonstrate that you are not the owner of the TV which was off within the communal room, and that you have no TV in your room. After that, it's nearby word against yours.

In respect to Tin God's answer: You have stated that you are living in rented student home and have your own room. There was no TV found within your room but in your friends room, which you do not rent. The only TV that you could be resonsible for is the communal one, but then again it was not on when the licencing man call. It cannot be your laibilty.
Finally, an address is not covered by a TV licence, each family is covered. So if at hand are several families using one TV set, EACH family must be licenced to see it. (If they do indeed watch television)
There is no way anyone can prove that you examine television, and it's not your fault here is a TV there. If this was your own home as unwilling shared accommodation, it would be a different story.
im sorry but you are being told a nouns of rubbish.
if you have a working TV with a plug on it after you must have a TV license if you don't then you are breaking the imperative.
if all a person have to do was say, oh i never monitor it then half the country would not hold a license the fact is you must have a TV license even if you a moment ago have a PC coz you can watch TV on your PC
conceivably not live TV but never the less TV
and the person that said its ok if your TV is not plugged into the Aerial is discussion rubbish as most TV now comes by cable you still need to hold a license Source(s): my head
The offence is using a TV without a licence. If you own never used the TV, then you are in the clear. However, if you own ever used either of the TVs in interview, then you must plead guilty.

Unfortunately, your action within buying a TV licence makes you look guilty. You had better turn up to court and donate evidence. If you manage to persuade the court that this TV have nothing to do with you and that you enjoy never used it, it is the kind of case which might result within a discharge or even in the prosecutor withdrawing it before court starts. However, this is something of an anomaly contained by English law, as it doesn't fit into the general rule of everyone individual innocent until proved guilty and it is going to be tricky to establish your innocence.

It would be a good idea to write to the TV license department in Bristol the moment you receive any summons explaining the whole entity.

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