How long do population usually own to be capable of give notice a residence if asked to by a parent or innkeeper?

and assuming they havent done anything illegal ...what rights do not tenants , but a short time ago young adults living with parents , etc own if living with their parents and asked to leave?

are both situations required a trustworthy length of time to leave ..without purely being told to leave right now? which situations would make this not the case?

and how jurisdiction are different in the USA and UK and Europe as well?

which things are crucial to legally make someone give? why this is often a problem or argument or confusion? and is this law believable too in your opinion? as long as being hasnt assaulted anyone or used drugs etc?

btw, which region are you in reference to?
In the baggage of tenants, assuming they have a possession agreement, if they have not paid rent the approach is to serve S8 and S21 notice on the tenant seeking possession. In these notices you'd be required to give two weeks to vacate after which you can bring proceedings to regain possession.
In the defence of young adults, who won't have any endorsed agreement with their parents (even if they pay 'housekeeping' or some other title of consideration, the failure to pay presumption by law is that legal relations are not intended contained by such an agreement), then well they own very limited rights. They may hold some kind of equitable interest at best, and no right at all at worst.
I don't see the culpability with the system at all, if you live beside your parents and respect them why would they kick you out? In most cases even if they did they'd probably give anywhere between a dark and 3 months notice. But I doubt there are masses parents in the UK that would actually see their adult child out even if they were doing drugs, bumming round on JSA and essentially contributing nothing to society.

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