What karma will i own of champion contained by small claims court?

hello,im a self employed plumber in england.i recently took a career on for a customer,fitting a bathroom ,tiling the bathroom.when the job started the walls fell to bits,extras were added approaching tile the floor.the customer was made aware of the extras,he was fine.i supplied profoundly of materials like plaster boards for the walls and wood for the floor etc.we got the bathroom to tiling stage,consequently the tiler came and did 70% of the tiling.on the night the customer rung me and said he wasnt jovial with some tiling,so i said wed discuss it the following day wager on on the job.when i got in attendance he started off by saying 6 tiles he wasnt at ease with,so i said id alter these,and finish the tiling myself.he said he wasnt healthy with this and in an awkward invioroment we agreed for him to get hold of his own tiler,and hed get us back to finish when adjectives.i asked for the sum up to date,which i estimated at lb1300.00. he refused and offered me lb800.00.i said id adopt this as part payment,and invoice latter.i took the cheque of lb800.00. did an invoice for bathroom works etc.the cheque has cleared so iv pursued the remaining money.iv done a itemised invoice,listing true costs of materials and employees.iv just recieved a text proverb hes took legal advice,wont be paying and is sending a communication.i feel iv been duped and will hold to take this to court to try and get some but for all im owed.these are the true facts ,does anyone know of any similar circumstances and my chances if i run to court of succeeding. sorry for the few spelling mistakes. many thanks surrounded by advance.
Firstly in regards to the above answer. Once within is judgement registered against the defendant you can then apply to enforce the claim, its up to you how you choose to do that there are option such as bailiffs, a charging order put on the house (so they can't sell short paying you), a third party debt order (where the money they owe you is frozen within their bank account until the sort out makes an order that they enjoy to pay you it straight from the bank), there is also an attachment of profits order where the money will come straight out of their wages respectively month. You can make your application for enforcement through your county court and they can send you information around each method

In regards to whether you will succeed or not it would be difficult to articulate without all evidence from both sides and would be entirely up to a regard as being. Although I can't advise on whether you would succeed or not I would advise you to dispatch the court every scrap of evidence you have when you transport your claim form, and definitely read all the information the court sends you, it can be really adjectives. You can get free legal guidance from the CAB or by ringing the community legal advice troop on 0845 345 4 345 their website is http://www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk/

Good luck! Source(s): work in a county court
as-long as you have recites to put a bet on up what you say then i don't meditate this guy has a leg to stand on.
the fact is no-one is going to do extra work on a charge for nothing so as-long as you can prove you spent the money on goods consequently he will have to pay Source(s): my come first
You may have a perfect case and win but if you do and they do not care going on for a CCJ on their record and decide not to pay cheque there is no way on soil for you to collect the money
It sounds like you're a short time ago trying to do the right thing. Taking a payment can form things complicated - he can claim you accepted this as full payment for the commission.

In the US, there's something called a mechanic's lien, where you can report a claim on the property. It won't be paid soon, but they won't be able to refinance or trade without paying you.

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