What countires within Europe allow teens to ahve sex beside condoms?

Not that I'm planning to do something like this, just wondering.
If you are over the age of consent in the specific country then you can own sex with condoms if you want. In fact it is recommended.

There is no country which I am aware of contained by Europe which forbid sex with condoms.
Don't believe condoms are evil in any country (maybe the Vatican).

The legal age for consent would be the more substantial question, wearing a condom is irrelevant.

Not sure if the legal age is uniform across Europe, going on the conservative nation of some countries and the liberal view of others I would suggest it would not be uniform.
Pretty much adjectives of them. the average age of consent is 15, some places are 16, and odd ones are higher (Spain, 18) or lower (Holland, 12)
Having sex with a condom doesn't nouns all that enjoyable intuitively. Seems like to much effort trying to verbs the condom forward and backward.

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