Criminals surrounded by charge of the EU, increase Britain’s contributions by 5.9% over the subsequent four years?

This means we will see an increase of lb8.3 billion to lb10.3 billion, all this resting on yesterday’s cuts, how can we put an end to the unaccountable EU? Furthermore, this increase is due to Labours decision to surrender sector of Britain’s budget rebate, shouldn’t Brown & co be held to account and charged with treason?
What does anyone expect from an unelected, uncontrollable and undemocratic set of Bureaucrats, bigger the pot the more they can engender. Yet we still have people wise saying we can't afford to come out of Europe?

The biggest problem in this country is apathy, while we sit here and give somebody a lift it they will do unto us as they see fit as another poster has pointed out, the idea of public service seem to escape these people, but we elect them to serve us and the EU whilst keeping the peace in Europe seem to act against our best interests so why do our politicians grovel to the unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable commission - we were better past its sell-by date with EFTA.
I deem Blaire Brown and all of their new job team should be arrested and tried for treason and war crimes, But it would give somebody a lift a strong people with a sense of fairness and even-handedness to get the job done. The British inhabitants are just not up to it anymore. Its hard to believe that a relations bold and brave enough to take on the world, to slaughter a huge military power like Germany twice, and build a massive Empire could turn so weak spineless and servile surrounded by just a few generations......But here it is. They are actually afraid of the EU....Afraid of going it alone and telling the EU to stuff its destructive rules up its (a)rse.....But even worse, they are afraid of their own parliament...Their children's adjectives is being wrecked by the EU, and still the people haven't even get the guts to vote outside of the lib lab con, let alone march on parliament and emergency we pull out. I have said beforehand that turning up to the EU referendum demand to the sight of smaller number than 2000 people out of 65 million was a soul destroying verbs, and signalled complete servility to the Government, and Britain's new EU master. Showing servility to those that are elected to serve in your interests is a huge mistake. The servants are presently in charge of the house and the master. Its called dictatorship. Democracy have become a sham.

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