True or false 100 years here will be no whites not here contained by the Uk?

true or false in about a 100 years here will be no whites left in the Uk is the command trying to get rid of the white population and give our country away to foreigners

And surrounded by any case, skin pigmentation evolves over many years due to the prevailing climate and diet within the area and is no valid reason to peacemaker a person.

There are also a vast number of "foreigners" next to "white" skin so why this obsession with "black" skin? The human see is known to have evolved out of Africa (scientific fact) so how roughly a bit of real thought on this issue and judge associates as individuals without making such sweeping "one size fits all comments" .

For the ending 2000 years you would have been amazingly hard pressed to find anyone who did not have "foreign" blood or ancestry.
The UK is a country made up entirely of immigrants of one sort or another,

I don't win what the big deal is with colour.

Did you know (I doubt it),

-that you are only as likely to be closely related to an individual African or Asian, as to somebody as white as can be.

But you would necessitate to have some sort of education to realize how and why explicitly,

and educated, intelligent people aren't racist,

racism relies on the sort of logic practiced by primitives.
I doubt it, in that aren't enough non-whites in the UK for that to go down, and as much of the current immigration is from white countries (i.e. Europe) I can't really see that happening in 100 years. A few hundred, I don`t know, but not in just a couple of generation.

Of course, eventually we'll all probably be mixed race, and anyone white or black only will put you in the minority. I don't really see the problem near this - after all, colour is not exactly important, and within are a lot of biological/evolutionary advantages to being mixed see.

What is this nonsense about the governing body? Why would the government care what colour the citizens of this country were? Skin colour doesn't actually get a difference to what a population wants from its government, so why would they thinking?
I Know..........These tanning salon are a real problem.
"Our white race"?

Dear me, our true BNP colours are really showing through, are they not?

So, immigration from Scandinavia and America and adjectives those nce white places are ok, bt not those nasty people beside the non-white skin.

I'd like to think that surrounded by 100 years there'll be no racist idiots in the UK.

Chance would be a fine thing.
This could be a true state of affairs if we don't leave our membership of the EU within the very near adjectives, we need to ballot our queen for a NO confidence in our Parliament so she can stand down the command and call a new see.
Then we can elect only those MPs who under oath will bring us OUT of this destructive EU.
It does worry me sometimes, but I don't think we'll ever die out completely coz nearby are still a lot of whites who don't date/procreate outside of our race! However, we will plainly be the minority sadly!
False and misleading because surrounded by 2001 census 92.2% people contained by UK identified themselves as whites.
False. very false.

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