Can i sue the pickpocket who stole my saloon?

My car was stolen after thieve broke into my home and stole the keys. The police have all the same to catch the them, but are confident they will do. In the mean time individual a guy, and as it was my first car, and my first year of driving, my fully comp insurance cost both an arm, a leg and my spare kidney. Now i'm man told it will go up even more, which will make it completley unaffordable, which routine I won't be able to afford my car subsequent year at all. As this is obviously going to be a massive inconvieniance to me, does this show i am eligable to sue the theives once caught? Thanks.
I believe that there would be nothing stopping you from launching a private deed against the criminal for the increase costs that you will face and for the trauma that you have suffered as a result. It is without fault possible in the UK as far as I'm aware.
Yes I think you can sue, but don't bet on getting anything, the courts may read aloud that the thief (more than likely) has no discernible income so not worth suing or ordered to wages anything.
Also don't look for Justice in the courts I know a car owner who be sued by the thief after he crashed the stolen car claiming it be not secured properly and was faulty overriding to injury of the thief.
Just to supply to JZD's answer, which A's I generally find I agree with even if we put a different slant on things.

I would suggest that you dawdle until the Police have dealt near the thief, assuming off course they ensnare him/her for without that its somewhat stating the obvious that you won't know who to serve any papers on. In abundantly of cases people feel that any Court cost is too lenient and of course the Police may not if truth be told prosecute. You don't need to know the way Police and Crown Prosecution Service work or create their decision. One a person have gone to Court and pleaded or been found Guilty you can rely upon that conviction finding in any Civil proceedings. You will not enjoy to prove the fact all over again, they are help yourself to for granted. Even if the thief gets a formal police caginess that is on the basis they be Guilty.

So, after any Police / Court action you would include in the minutiae of claim in your Civil, ie Small Claims Court action: On ( date ) at ( Magistrates/ Crown Court details ) the defendant ( insert thief's identify ) was found Guilty / pleaded Guilt to the theft of the claimant's ( that's you ) motor coup¨¦, a ( make/ model details ) . As a result of that theft the claimant suffered ( describe what you have lost, possibly extra travel costs, damage repairs etc. ) and claims ( set out what you are asking for ) etc.

What you should also remember that your Insurance Policy almost certainly give them the right to take any proceedings in your describe so you must tell them what you want to do. Personally I would always keep hold of them informed, don't assume the Police will, at all stages, ie capture, bail, court date if you know and although its 'claim not blame' that prices your policy they might try to verbs the costs from the thief themselves. Good luck

Edit: I agree with those proverb do not use your Parents Insurance if you are a principle driver - it's fraud, it is also fraud if you say you keep a motor in a garage or off road when you in reality have to park it all the time within the street.
(from the UK) like the legal representative said even if you did have a case to sue the scumbags they wouldn't hold any assets to pay you anyway,

just an model, why dont you go on your parents insurances thats what i did when i started driving,
i think if they hold over 5 years no claims they can get it protected with some insurances... might be worth looking into if the Police don't block them
Yes, you can sue them for conversion (civil theft).

You can't sue them for your additional premium.
Of course, the insurance go up if you claim on the insurance, but if you recover the value from the invader then the insurance should not increase. if you repay those funds to the company.

Of course, car thieve tend not to have much by way of assets or steady job. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
As in the US, look up baggage law in England. That should furnish you a good idea.
If the thieves are caught you can sue them in the tort of "conversion". But this will see you to recover your direct losses causes as a result of the breaking and entering - eg the value of the car and perchance any other transport costs since it was taken. However, it is highly unlikely that a motor thief will have any assets to in truth pay you if you did take this doings.

In practice, all these losses have already be taken care of by your insurance company, so it would be more likely that (if it be worth it) the insurance company would sue in your name. And any payout would simply be to reimburse them for what you enjoy already had.

Insurance premiums are based on the risk one taken by the insurer. The cost of a replacement car, especially if you are driving a old, low effectiveness car, is relatively low. The main risk is the risk of you cause an accident and causing smash up and personal injury to other people. So I doubt that a theft would raison d`¨ºtre your premium to change much, when 95% of your premium is based on your risk of cause very expensive damage to other folks.

Also, you cannot avoid this by being named on your parents policy. A name driver is someone who is allowed to occassionally drive a vehicle owned by the policy holder. If your parents take out a policy and put you as a named driver afterwards they are saying they own your car and are the major driver. This is fraud and risks their policy being cancelled.
I sympathise and you can try and sue the thief, but as one answerer has already pointed out, they are not probable to have anything for you to get out of them.

You are also promising to get some bleeding-heart lefty telling you that its not their reprimand they are thieves, its social circumstances that have cause these poor disadvantaged little lambs to resort to thieving. Then you will get some doddering old magistrate beside no idea of what happens surrounded by the real world who will give them community service or a small fine and stroke all surprised that they go out and do it again.

Also, don't hold your breath waiting for the police to fence in them. A 5 year old child asking the right questions contained by the area would be able to do so, but the police hold telling us they have bigger fish to fry. Yeah, right!

And they wonder why populace take the law into their own hand with baseball bats and such-like. Not that I am advocate such a course of action, naturally.

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