If my boss keep me delayed at work unpaid in need a contract is that unconstitutional?

Basically, I've been working for a small company for about 5 months in a minute and they've never given me a contract. Is this illegal? and also tonight, because I had not reach my target for the day, I was told I have to stay til I had reached it. Unpaid. Where do I stay on this? I really requirement advice on this as soon as possible please? :(
its only wrong if they hold you their against your will
if your not being paid to work delayed, put your coat on and go home
if they say anything, update them you never agreed to work for anyone for nothing Source(s): my head
The best thing you can do, is look for another job, the ancestors your working for are acting beyiond thier remit as employers and using fear procedure to keep you there, bet you work contained by sales.?
Your employment contract doesn’t have to be within writing. The employment contract is made as soon as you accept a job propose. However, you are entitled to a written statement of your main employment terms inwardly two months of starting work.

Unless you are self employed you are entitled to at least the minimum wage for your job. Seek suggestion from CAB or you can contact the Pay and Work Rights Helpline for Confidential help and advice on the National Minimum Wage 0800 917 2368.

Tread warily. Although you have the law on your side, within challenging your employer you may find yourself sacked and short a proper reference making it difficult to get another opening. Source(s): http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/E…
not wrong as you are not contractly bound. just make sure you are salaried for every minute you work.

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