Laws on removing a child from a country against father will?

my lil Brother is 13 tomorrow, about 6 weeks ago he started a boarding school contained by KENYA, but he is an ENGLISH Citizen. he hates the school and is mortal kept in KENYA against his will by his father who is a KENYAN, my brother is ENGLISH and has an english passport but it is at the college. my mum and dad are separated 10 years.

me and my mun are going to go over possible at the weekend and get him as we dread for his safety!
please tell me what the law on this will be .. will she be jailed once we bring my brother home to ENGLAND, or will she be kept in a KENYAN prison.

please please help
thank you
First of adjectives, there is no such thing as English residency or an English passport. Your brother has a British passport.

It is far from clear how your brother ended up surrounded by that boarding school. There is far more to the story than you are telling us. It would be comparatively difficult for a father to come over to the UK from Kenya and then take his child over near with a British passport. Did your mother initially agree to this arrangement? Kenya is a signatory to the Hague Convention, so if the child was taken here without the consent of the parent who has precision and control of him, then the authorities must cooperate. You had better whip proper advice from someone in full possession of the facts beforehand you rush over there to intervene.
Most likely depends on who have custody of your brother. If it is his father, he probably has the right to send him to the university, as long as your mother doesn't have visitation rights or partial custody. If she has visitation rights, your brother would hold to be back within realize by the time of her scheduled visitation rights. If your mother has partial custody, she have a say in where on earth he is.

I would contact a lawyer.

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