My friend be caught nouns contained by primark?

me and my friend were in primark and we get pulled back because they ahd seen her steal a braclete ( please dont consider her she knows it was wrong and have got in next to the wrong croud ect ) anyways the man was asking her how it got in that and stuff and she denined knowing and in the end he only said go and bye the braclet and then your expelled from this store and all the primark stores, he didnt take any of her personal details or any pictures of her, but i be wondering am i also banned, although i didnt do anything? and will she get away near going back in primark within like a few months?
Nah you wont be banned and she should be fine to walk surrounded by after a couple of weeks
I got caught and was prevented from the whole mall, but i be in there and matching shop the next day
Since no information be shared, or report taken it's nothing but "He said, She said"...BTW might want to think in the region of some new friends, or get this one give support to.
You are as bad as her if you think she shouldn't be judge, we are born with a free will and she chose to use hers for thieving from others. If you were her friend you would bring up to date her what a fool she has been. You both stipulation some moral guidance.
You were not involved so you are not disallowed. Your friend can try going back since they didn't take her photo or details. The worst they can do is afford her a documented trespass warning. If they really cared to prevention her they would do it properly.
lol - things must be bad, when you're so hard up that you hold to shoplift in Primark.
why shouldnt we judge you friend for nouns?

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