Is this incest legaly within the uk?

is it legal for someone to have sex next to there mothers sisters daughter
"Incest" is not official anywhere in the UK *. The person within question is your 1st cousin and while sex is not actually illicit, is inadvisable. Any child resulting from the act could carry genetic disabilities which are magnified within close family relationships. Source(s): * Not legal, not even contained by Wales.
She is your 1st cousin, and in the UK it is permitted to have sex with her.
The one and only western, industrialized, developed country that has laws against 1st cousins getting together is the USA contained by some states, that passed anti-cousin laws as an anti-immigration measure, using bogus science as an excuse.
The false science study they used said within was a high risk of children of cousins have birth defects. We know the truth now is that the probability of a serious birth defect appearing in children of 1st cousins is one and only 2 to 3 percent higher than average.
There is a lot of propaganda surrounded by the UK right now against cousin marriage, near much misinformation, lies, half truths and vague foggy assertions going on for it.
Don't listen, it's just thinly veiled bigotry against Pakistanis.
If you date anyone specifically your third cousin or beyond is fine. If you date anyone closer than your third cousin is illegal and considered incestuous.
1st cousin marriages are legal and, as said, the risk contained by any one generation is only slightly raise, however if practised over several generations the risk increases rapidly
That's your cousin. Many groups in the UK, including the royal clan practised first cousin marriages. It is not illegal. But it can fetch genetic risks if there is issue.

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