From how far rear legs can the descendants of appropriation victims claim their inherited property?

If the descendants of holocaust Jews can, what about other people, and how far put money on can this go?
Let's say I buy a silver plate beside what turns out to be Lord Shitbag's coat of arms on it. If the present lord Shitbag can prove it was stolen from his ancestor in 1880, do I own to give it back to him? And but for, why not?
There is no time limit to moral or restorative justice or vendetta. If something is stolen by you or you ancestors, it will never belong to you. The inventive ownership of the object also passes on to the owner's descendants, a short time ago as the object has be passed down to you. Otherwise, why should you hang on to it? It works both ways, or I could come to your place and claim anything your ancestor owned.
the fact is if in that is some-one you can claim off and you can prove your claim in court you can manufacture a claim against any-one.
if you believe your grand father was swindled out of parkland by the Government of the day you can take your claim to the large court.
anything stolen is never yours, it always belongs to its rightful owner no matter how long its missing for Source(s): my team leader

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