Small business rights, do we own any?

I am on a committee for a small independently run social club in the UK, we operate out of a building on home office environment. in 2000 we were told that we could no longer put on the market alcohol during the day time to any one, then surrounded by 2008 we were then told we can no longer hire our lecture theatre out to non club members and had to sign a contract agreeing this both times or we be told we will close (no options), both these conditions have lost us an estimated lb1'000.000 in lost gross revenue over the second 10 years. Now we face being thrown out of the building as the home organization plan to give it to a private restaurant firm to use, again there is no negotiation and we are not person consulted what so ever. Do we have any rights under unwarranted trade restrictions and are we entitled to compensation for losses and closure?
What does your contract for the use of the territory say?
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Are you a small business?
Aren't you in fact an unincorporated association?

The expressions of your occupancy are contained in the lease. If it is a business possession under the L&T Act 1954 then you own certain rights.
if it is a mere licence, then that's to some extent different.
Of course, the title of the document (lease/licence) is not definitive; some landlords entitled leases as licences to draw from round the 1954 Act protection.

Your lease defines your rights and your obligations.
There is no right to be consulted just about anything unless your lease says you have. Source(s): I'm a legal representative

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