Do I report it as domestic bombing, rape or child rough up?

I'm an adult now, but when it happen we were both 14. He hurt me physically and emotionally and he forced me to have sex near him.
What would it be classed as? Is there anyone other than the police that I can report him to?
Sorry to hear about that and want you the best. If it is still bothering you there is no shame in finding a counselor to sustain you get through it and over it.

The Statutes of Limitation, depends on the State. Some can still be charged in some states and others allow you the sufferer to file charges of rape and child molestation under the Statutory Rape Laws. It will be concrete because of lack of physical evidence, like semen sample, that would have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this happened. You can however, receive an attorney and sue him in Civil Court.
Well, who was it father? boyfriend? friend?
Was this party an adult when you were one and only 14?
There are to many factors that you're not providing
So a complete answer isn't givable.

I be in a similiar situation when I was 16 yrs aged. As soon as I got out of that situation, I drove straight to the police department. Why didn't you tell someone what happen to take you to the police?

Im sorry I read your post incorrectly about the ages.

I do believe that because it be so long ago there isn't much you can do about it besides wish counseling like another poster has mentioned.

You can other go to the police department to seek information nearly this. They more than anyone would be able to provide you with information in the region of this. Only the police would be able to file charges against him. ( contained by reguard to your "anyone other than the police that I can report him to" statement.

I wish you the best and im vastly sorry that this happened to you.
You dont own to give it a label when you report it, near aren't special forms that are titled rape or child abuse.

Like the others said, you need to consider the cutting act, and whether there will be any means of access of proving this, how long ago was it? If he is going to deny it, which seems possible, do you have any other proof apart from your word?

Go to the police station and report it, they will be able to offer you the information you need.
Statute of limitations is 5 years. You can pretty much only speech to a counselor now to get hysterical help.

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