Eon blew up my computer should they recompense compensation?

i was working from home the other day when in attendance was a bang from outside and adjectives the electric went off surrounded by my house, i went outside to see what was going on and eon have dug up the electric cables beside our semi house, in the precipitation i might add, i asked what was going on and they said they be fixing a reported fault, we have have no problems but they were digging right outside next door. from the hole be smouldering smoke and a very strong smell of burning. i asked why they had not informed us in that was a possibility that the power would go out as i be using my computer at the time, they were very flippant and said the power out have affected the entire estate and that to inform everyone would have taken an entire time and they didnt have the staff to spare, anyhow long story short when i tried to turn on my pc the subsequent day it was completely unmoving, i emailed eon and told them what had happened and that the power surge have burnt out my power supply on the pc as i be told by the pc repair shop and they have emailed me stern saying thankyou for your concerns we have forwarded your email and someone will contact me contained by 10 days, however now it turns out that its more than the power supply that is fried but the mother board and something else, the workstation repair shop are saying for the age of the pc it would be cheaper to replace it than to repair it, i also requirement to replace the surge protector socket it was plugged into as that is also fried. i cannot afford a tentative computer and i cannot afford to get it repaired and i need it for work, im a single parent working 2 job to support my kids, should i really have to be out of pocket for something that was entirely not my bad habit or should eon pay for a new notebook? im using a crappy netbook i borrowed at the moment but its no good for work as its too tiny to fit the programms i need
Contact a solicitor and get them to write a letter giving eon 14 days to compensate you beside the cost of a new computer and any other equipment damaged or you will give somebody a lift it to the small claims court, and this will mean extra costs to them for the time you have have to go without your computer and the inconvenience, plus wages lost for work you be unable to do because of their negligence. A letter should cost no more than just about lb20
Yes submit a claim to injury-law.co.uk although its not an injury they are still compensation claiming experts. Try it. Thanks Source(s): http://www.injury-law.co.uk
contact customer service for eon

my brother contained by Jacksonville - had a similar occurrence
one neighbor have to replace a refrigerator
he needed a hard drive replaced along with motherboard/cpu

what be allowed for the repair - upgraded him from 250meg HD to a 1 GIG
and doubled the CPU he had -

all the best
Try finding out if the surge protector that failed to protect the computer should hold done so. If it was supposed to be for just this sort of crisis later perhaps you have a claim depending on what the protector stated when you bought it.

You could ask the contractor/ eon to earnings for the damage but I don't think it would be something they could be liable for. If you needed to check it out further what about contacting ofgem their regulator or CAB for legal suggestion on a small claim
Contact the local broadsheet. That might get some attention to your situation.

In the letter to the broadsheet, keep it short and sweet.

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