There be stuff within my apple liquid!?

my mum bought apple juice from lidl and i opened it and she said she required some so i poured some and drank from it when i did there it tasted close to moth balls and i saw this long white thing floating inside i poured it out cuz i thought it be in the cup then i give my mum and there was white stuff within that and we both drank from it!stupidly i poured it all away now we can't sue effect my mums feeling ill but i'm not!can we still sue?
It sound approaching it fermented! I would still contact the company. Explain the situation, you'll either get a discount, or coupons. No lawyer would take this on.
'One Day I went to Lidl' !

Try asking the CAB but I ponder you've chucked the evidence away , is there still the carton? there might still be residual evidence , also your mums word might be satisfactory. If she gets tested at her doctors and there is medical evidence.

Buy another apple liquid , ask others also, as you might not be the only one and you might be able to variety a joint claim.
No you can't sue.

You could return the paper to the manufacturer and tell them the liquid was fermented. Or take it vertebrae to Lidl.
These things happen with cartoned drinks, the pack comes damaged and air get it.
I'm afraid your dream of retiring on a bed of money will have to wait a while but. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
No - too behind time.

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