What are the pros and cons marijuana?

i want to know why people hate this drug and why relations love this medicine.
It is medication if you like it but a drug if you hate it huh? Quite a contrast. Anyway the pros and cons. To get hold of high or not to get elevated, that is the question.
it can help you sleep it can filch away pain it can make you mull over mostly positively in my experience lol, u come up with inventions and realise things contained by general u would neva a thought of by urself and it can make things funnier and if you av a smoke back you go for a walk on a nice morning its jus lovely :) its a great thing to do on first date in my experience the relationships that started next to a smoke got off on a better foot and last longer :o :),in my opinion its wonderful . not really any downsides single i get terrible dry mouth and craving for biscuits :o haha
wtffff ? theresss NO pros to maryyjanee ,
uu swearrr !
marijuana comes from a nut and god made all seeds.. pros not made by man not a drug but a plant cons most general public use it the wrong way Source(s): bible

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