Can i sue my father for ardent verbal abuse?

I am 13 years old, and i can't even smile anymore it seems resembling. He puts me down in so many ways, he curses me out, make fun of me, calls me names, tell me rude remarks. He's like a 43 year old bully.
Sure you can, but you can't afford the lawyer unless you can draw from your mum to pay.
It must be hard to take in why he acts the way he does because you're solitary 13. I didn't get why my dad was a dick any. He's probably frustrated with raising you. Suing him isn't the answer - you'll merely make matters worse. The means of access out of this isn't easy and you're not gonna like it. You own to write a list of everything he does for you. Some things to consider:

Pays for everything under and including the roof. Most of the money he'd want to spend on his wife or himself have to go to you, and you probably don't show much appreciation for it.

Think of the chores your dad does around the house. He's already probably working 40 hours a week at a job he can a moment ago barely tolerate. If you know you can lighten the housework for him and your mother, do everything you can to clear their lives easier. I guarantee you that if you start making a dedicated effort to increase his free time when he get home, he's not going to spend it on bullying you.

A note about love. Your mother loves you unconditionally. But dads are not resembling that. You have to work your *** off for their love.
Can you honestly and truly vote that you are a good daughter to your parents. Can you honestly say that you abet your mother around the house, that you keep your room and yourself clean and tidy, that you do your arts school work without being forced to do it, that you behave contained by a decent manner. If you can influence yes to these things, and in your heart mean it, consequently you can say the problem is not you and it is your father. I find it hard to believe that your dad freshly yells at you for no reason. You hold to understand one golden rule, and that is the house belongs to your parents and they set the rules. If they articulate you are to be home at a certain time, that is when you own to be home. If they think that dating at your age is out then thats how it have to be. If they dont think the group you are running around with are suitable company, thats they approach it is. If they think that makeup is making you look like the local you-know- who, after dont wear it or so much of it anyway. Let me explain something, obeying your parents does not make you a servant or a doormat, it make you a daughter that is smart enough to think through that they want the best for you.I have reared two daughters, so I enjoy some experience in this matter. Try what I own suggested, it may make life better for you, it sure as heck cant hurt you.

I hold noticed that several people enjoy told you to call and report him to this authority or that society. Thats fine, but suppose he calls the child strictness authorities and tells them that you are completely out of control, would you approaching that? would you think that is a well-mannered solution to this problem?, when they take you to a childrens home for wayward kids, i.e. not a fun place to be believe me, will you think that is a great concept? Look, its a small world and we are not long on it, I know that is not easy for you to have a handle on, being so young, but look as i own said before, try to get along beside your dad, he is probably longing for a daughter that he can be proud of. Just be nice, its not that hard to do.
Sue, I don't know. But you should defitately hail as social services, that's abuse. I'm sorry. :( Source(s): I know a social worker
Tell him you are going to report him for child misuse... that will make him **** himself... do you know what they do to child abusers in this country (uk). Tell him if he cant vote anything useful then he should not voice anything at all but tell him if he does not stop annoying you you will step to social services and they will supervice you and him but remember only do this if you truly believe he is a rat and there is no other approach.... cos once you start with them they will not stop till you are 18 years old.
I'm not sure if you can, unless you have a lawyer/blah blah blah.
You can verbalize to school counselors about it.

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