My neighbour does not work, shall I report him for benefit fraud?

You could do that or you could mind your own business. if he does not work - it is potential that he gets benefits legitimately
How do you no he's claiming benefits anyway? Just because he doesn't work - according to you - doesn't automatically mean he's claiming benefits, he could enjoy savings or a sugar daddy or something.

Also how do you know he doesn't work? Unless he specifically told you he might work from home, or work shift or something other than nine to five.

AND if he doesn't work and claim benefits that's not fraud! That's how it works!!
Well if you are bored and have zilch to do then go ahead. Just manufacture sure he actually is committing benefit fraud first. Is he claiming more than one benefit, or is he working more than 16 hours but still getting jobseekers allowance etc?
No, you report someone when they are working but getting dismissal. That's a fraud. Not working and receiving a benefit is not a fraud.
On what basis?

If your neighbour IS WORKING and also claiming benefit, THEN you should report him.
hes not breaking the law so why report him?

is he surrounded by fact working illegally later?
we also have to take into vindication ramifications of his being angry an Life living subsequent to him. your call.
If you are aware that he is surrounded by fact engaging within benefit fraud sure, but if you just think he is sluggish don't bother.

He may be getting legitimate benefits or have other income (like investments or rich parents).

Law and directive though is maintained by individuals taking a stand against law breakers.
Surely if he doesn't work then he's entitled to benefits.
It's called Job Seekers Allowance for out of work people.
This is a joke, right?

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