Any tips to surive prison?

I have been told that onn my first daytime I should beat up the biggest man possible.
Starting fight is a very bad thought. Not only would you piss off the other inmates, you'd carry into a lot of trouble for starting the fight. You don't want to label enemies in in attendance.

Best thing to do, keep to yourself. Don't find involved in arguments. Don't start arguments. Follow the rules. Don't cause trouble. And save your head down.
Yeah you move about and beat up the guy who has be weight lifting for 20 years. Oh and while your at it go and pounding up his 20 good friends who have be weight lifting for decades as well.

Shut up and mind your own business, is dutiful advice. Don't borrow anything and don't ask for anything and don't look after anything for anyone else.

Oh and before you sit down, ask if anyone is sitting within.

Don't try and make friends, but don't be rude either.

Don't transport any drugs and volentar for random testing as you will be paroled easier.…

Don't be a fool. Learn from the link above.
i room with a 5 ft four inch guy who weigh about 130. heres what he did. if anyone started a fight next to him he would get them in a bearhug an start biting them.! crazy i know but i ruminate it would be effective. few people are going to want to exchange blows someone who can cause them phyusical damage. . i guarantee if you are one bit you would think twice about warfare that person. its quite extreme but your roommates arent boyscouts. instinctively i would try to lay low an not bother anyone. the danger of his system is it could get you kill too.
The best track is not to do the crime in the first place!
Not a good concept you would just get a longer sentence and be branded a trouble architect.
Why not just keep a low profile serve your sentence and vow never to bring into prison again.
Better start working on your shank day #1.
"Keep your nose clean. Do your porridge."

(c) Norman Stanley Fletcher, Slade Prison
wash in the sink and stay away from any one call george Source(s): tomato ?

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