Can i payment lb16,000 for not making it to court when its their condemn as they moved the location a hours of daylight back!?

i have court tomorrow & have be told by my solicitor (last minute) that the hearing has bin moved to a different city and that if i don't show up, i can be charged lb16,000 is this allowed? Even though i am the claimant?
They appear to be able to use some very underhand devices these days - I'd get your solicitor to fashion it clear to the bench what is going on - you may be able to use it to your advantage.
Its kind of irrelevant, but for detrimental that you are the claimant. As the claimant, you are the one dragging everyone to court (rightly or wrongly). Therefore, in the courts eyes, the defendant has ever right to take home it as convenient as possible for themselves to get to court, as you are the one demanding they go near.

You haven't given much detail, so I dont no where the lb16,000 has come from, nor why you own been told so late surrounded by the day, but like everyone else have said, your solicitor is the one who is most in the know so why no ask him? There are options such as adjournment available because the case has move cities.
if thats what youve be told then why disbelieve it , and if you are the claimant , then surely it is contained by your interest to attend is it not ? wherever that may be !
Happens fairly frequently.

It's your claim. If you do not turn up to trial it will be dismissed and almost certainly you'll have to pay the other sides costs.

I hold no idea where the lb16,000 integer comes form but you won't be 'charged' anything - you'll simply lose your case. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
You know very soon, before the hearing. If you choose not to show up, expect consequences to that verdict. If you want to know what sort of consequences, you should disregard the advice of the person that know what the hearing is about and what statute governs, and seek out the suggestion of people on this site who have no foundation for their opinions.
As you utter you are the claimant I presume this is a civil suit rather than a prosecution? The lb16,000 sounds like the other sides costs

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