What is uk standing on hulking gifts?

Hi all,
I received 23,000 pound as a gift from my ex-wives cousin approximately 4 years ago, it be a gift to help us out of a financial situation, it be placed directly into my bank account.
We own since separated and low and behold he is now saying that i owe the money rear, just wondering if anybody at all could clarify where on earth i stand on this matter..
Any help would be greatly appreciated
two issues.

1 - it was income.
so I hope you paid you due on that...

2 - you were a couple, and as such it came to both of you...
your finances are not that seperate...
By one and the same token... you seperated later..
All finances were assessed as one at that time...
so you cannot go back one item at a time. and very soon consider them seperate..

So..does that 'person' want to
- open the box on undeclared income ?
- really go pay for and re-assess each and every item in your seperation ?

lately asking....

or is it the person.. who 'gifted' the item now asking for the endowment back ?

in which casing,
let them show that it was a endowment... (paperwork/ witnesses)
and even so.. it was an equal gift... so 50:50 ... to respectively of you.
and like any other 'loan' ..
remind me again... what 'was' the repayment plan ?
.. we can start one now.. but it's going to be long and slow,
and no interest... as that be never spoken about before...

sounds resembling some one has sour grapes.
and if it was a loan to 1 personality that needed to be made very very clear at the time, and on what conditions...

no evidence of a loan.
near was none..
Oh dear. The situation is such that you might need a solicitor or the CAB. Exactly the same item happened to me. We were given money to put aside us from bankruptcy by a relative and later she said "it be a loan". At the time we got our solicitor to draw up a document stating that it was offering with "love and affection" but we sadly never signed it. In your armour - if the worst comes to the worst - the donor would have to sue you for the return and a court hearing would result. Presumably within the meantime they have not ask for the money back.

I would suggest a totally courteous letter along the lines of "I understood that this be most definitely a gift. I do not believe that it be a loan"
In regulation, if person A gives money to soul B it is deemed or presumed to be a loan and it is for the recipient to prove it be a gift.

Whichever it was, it seem that it was a gift or loan to you both - I facts you say it was to 'help us' - in consequence you are both jointly and severally liable to repay it if it was a loan. Source(s): I'm a advocate
You received 23K as a gift ? I'm envious.
A loan is repayable if you agreed to repay it. A payment is just that. It's yours. Can I have some of it?. A voiced agreement or arangement is binding in law, near a verbal agreement there is umlikely to be any evidence (written) to lever you to repay the dosh. So my guidance would be to spend most of it on loose women and booze, then waste the rest. Source(s): Eyes huge open.

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