Problem next to a contract: pension system?

First I apologize for my English. I live and work in UK since 1 year and half but my English is not even so good enough. i get a permanent job at the University and the brief starts 1th March (and so my contract). Since I am pregnant and my baby should come exactly begining of March (3th) I did not know what to do with the parenthood leave. I decided to ask unpayed move off since 1 Sept so that I can really start and do the maternity in my own Country. The problem is that the income system will change since April 1th and will get really much worse. In the contract the put me surrounded by the system since 1th Sep (end of the unpayed part of teh contract) but I am still contracting and I cna still ask to change it. Do you cogitate there is any way to be within the pension system from 1th March when the contract starts and have a break unpaid for parenthood?
The problem is that otherwise I will be with worse condition for the pension of late since I take 1 year unpayed for having the kid, and they wrote me that with more than 6 unpayed months you are out of the system and I do not know if to be in parenthood changes something.
Could you help me? Otherwise I will porbabily hold to accept the offer from Germany where on earth the condition for the pension ar emuch better even if I would have prefered the one from UK.
I've read this put somebody through the mill several times and I have not the faintest idea what you're on around.

What exactly are you asking?
If it's important, ask someone who can express themselves to type the question out for you.

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