What will the courts utter..?? any philosophy?

hiya all
my boyfriend was a complete idiot at the week conclusion and got himself arrested for fighting and drunk and disorderly contained by a pub in town but as he got arrested his Stanley wound fell out his pocket that was left within from work and was forgot about
he in a minute has court in 2 weeks and worried what the outcome may be does anyone know what he might get hold of or have done anything like it?
thank you, be in the uk x
His solicitor should be able to give you a better concept of how things stand. If he hasn't got one yet, it's really impressive that he does so today!
Firstly, if he be in working gear and the knife fell out of a tool pouch or similar consequently he may be believed in terms of knowing if it be there or not. However, if he was surrounded by reasonable clothing for going out, then he would not be believed and it would be assumed he know he had the blade on him. I have be a juror and I would have no hesitation surrounded by thinking that he deliberately put it in his pocket.

He have never done anything like it before? ok that may be the baggage, perhaps having the blade within his pocket made him feel a bit brave and being drunk and armed, he feel empowered to kick bad.

Obviously the entire detail of the case would need to be hear, but unless he can demonstrate that he really had no knowledge of the pierce, and or that he was still in working gear and therefor did not enjoy the opportunity to put the blade in his going out clothes then he is contained by the sh1t.
It rather depends on the charge.

if he's person charged for D&D he'll probably get a fine.

If it's possession of an offensive weapon, or similar, it's a bit more serious. But he'll not do any jail time unless he used it or tthreatened to use it. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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